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Unifying Systems with Science: Trauma Trainings in Schools

Darlene Keener’s LUV Story  “It all starts with bringing your voice to say here I am, I will help.No matter who you are, if you come with this mission, ready to help, that’s a hard thing to say no to.”  In 2019, Darlene Keener found herself within the same profound moment that many experience during their […]

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Activate Your Wellness: Creating Authentic, Human-Centered Projects

“Let people inspire you. Be flexible and non- judgmental. How can you creatively tell their story? … Meet them where they are. Understand the environment in which they feel safe and heard.” Jennifer Farinholt is a Behavioral Health Wellness Consultant with the Virginia Department of Behavioral Health & Developmental Services. Throughout her tenure, she’s spearheaded numerous […]

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Enduring With Purpose & Healing Through Mindfulness

“Don’t be afraid to show up authentically. I don’t know if there’s such a thing as being an expert in this field. What I truly know is that I’m an expert in me. That doesn’t make me any less skilled and trained at the next person. I could list off  certifications and programs I’ve completed, […]

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Transformation Over Information: Planting Seeds of Self-Discovery

“Make sure you’ve experienced transformation yourself first. How has what you’ve learned changed your life? Because that’s how you connect. When you’re able to share your own stories, that’s when you’re in a place to create transformation for others.”   Yolanda Hall’s LUV Story “Make sure you’ve experienced transformation yourself first. How has what you’ve learned […]

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Strength in Numbers: The Power of Community Heart Activation

“I was shocked… I realized my biggest challenge was not going to be difficult math concepts. I know that I’m really equipped to teach math. I know how to love kids, but I just felt like there had to be something more.”   Amy began her 29th year of teaching math like any other. No stranger […]

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