A little LUV goes
a long way.

Our Evidence-based Initiative

Who are we?

  • We are LUV, an evidence-based initiative that harnesses the science- and power– of connection to build resilience across Virginia.  
  • We are a one-stop resource for events, research, support and training on ACEs and PCEs and preventive health. 
  • We are a powerful network and we welcome you to join us as we create impact, today and for generations to come.

How did LUV start?

LUV was born out of an urgent need: to create a home where all Virginians can come together and be empowered to use relationships to solve problems.  

For several decades, growing evidence has proven that trauma and adversity can severely impact your physical health just as much as your mental health. Without healing, the damaging effects not only last your entire lifetime, they become hereditary. This is especially true if your adverse experiences happen before you are 18. 

After years of searching for answers, we realize we’ve had the answer all along. It not only applies to every community, it is the very definition of community itself: empathy, connection, and commitment.

The answer-relational health– is now our mission, pooling the best resources, expertise, and shared experiences so LUV can help every child- and every person- thrive no matter the circumstance.

We don’t need much to make this happen. We don’t need a lot of time or money or fancy equipment. We just need to show up, consistently, in big or small ways. We need to channel our efforts to what works, to the science of healing, and to each other. And when we do it together, we see how a little LUV can go a very long way.

How does LUV’s evidence-based initiative transform us?

It’s when we all come together. It’s when we grow our skillsets, mindsets to cultivate resilience and navigate life’s challenges. It’s through the training and knowledge that is science-backed and evidence-based. It’s through the repairing of our cells and DNA, in our own lives and for generations to come. It’s through each one of us doing a little bit every day to lift our communities and ourselves.

Above all, it’s through our stories. By sharing our experiences with each other, we build the relationships vital to make the most profound changes, for ourselves and others.

What is our LUV Story?

Everyone here at Lift Up Virginia (LUV) has been transformed, both personally and professionally, by the power of human connection. Just as helping communities transform on any level is a team effort, creating the LUV campaign has been a labor of love and committed passion across a team of heart-centered individuals. Each of our paths has intersected with awareness of ACEs, Trauma, Relational Health, and Connection-based prevention.

The state of Virginia has devoted itself over the last several years to awareness and training in ACEs and the effects of trauma and adversity. From the first positions dedicated to Adverse Childhood Experiences & Trauma at the Virginia Department of Behavioral Health & Developmental Services, to the tens of thousands of audience members in trainings, sessions, and workshops held across the state, Virginia is changing before our very eyes. 

Harnessing the power of this change has only grown more imperative as youth mental health and substance abuse outcomes climb across the state. But through these staggering crises, Virginians in the social services fields have blown us away with their devotion to connection-centered healing. That’s why LUV was created: to provide a haven for the community leaders to come together, share stories, cultivate ideas, and most of all connect! 

Working on this project has reinforced our belief that love is the answer. We believe the greatest protection and healing we do for ourselves in life is be there for each other. We hope LUV, as an evidence-based initiative, can bring tangible science, support, and practices that reinforce the power of love across the state. We hope this truth spreads, because more than ever we need to discover the enormous potential of lifting each other up. 

Thank you to every Virginian devoted to this work! 


The LUV Team