Welcome to the LUV Marketing Toolkit

Communities make a difference. That’s why we’ve created this how-to guide to help you promote your programs and initiatives with confidence. 

With the Marketing Toolkit, you’ll have access to tips, tricks, and best practices for using our promotional materials, including flyers, social media posts, and more.

Ready to get started? Here’s what you need to do:

Step 1: Download the How-to Guide.
It’s full of useful information and practical advice that will help you make the most of the resources we provide.

Step 2: Download the Marketing Templates. (See below)

These customizable templates make it easy to promote your programs and events on social media, email, and print.  

You’ll be able to create eye-catching graphics and compelling messages that will inspire people to take action. 

And that’s just the beginning! Once you have access to the LUV Hub, you’ll be able to take advantage of even more resources, including a platform to share LUV Stories of resilience, a directory of presenters, an online message board, and reference programs and materials. 

We can’t wait to see all the amazing things you’ll accomplish with the help of the LUV Marketing Toolkit. Let’s Lift Up Virginia together.

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LUV Languages: Translated Materials

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