LiftUPVirginia Steps to Healing: Phase 3- Storytelling

LiftUPVirginia Steps to Healing: Phase 3- Storytelling


August 29, 2024    
11:00 am - 1:00 pm


Humans crave story. In order to unlock the healing power of storytelling, we must first cultivate connection. True human connection requires the understanding of our nervous system: the biological basis of love, healing, and resilience. In this free, three-part webinar series, we’ll discover together how trauma-informed storytelling catalyzes empowerment-fueled healing.


Join us virtually for our final meeting of the series on Thursday, August 29th from 11-1pm EST, where we’ll be putting the pieces together to create the big picture: By taking back control our nervous systems and seeking connection, we open the door to profound systemic healing through storytelling. As we break down what makes a story of resilience, you will leave with powerful tools, guidelines, and inspirations for cultivating story-based healing approaches into your community.